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Attack on Titan Wallpaper Collection and Addons

Attack on Titan Wallpaper Collection and Addons
Attack on Titan HQ 17

Paradis Island was attacked by titanic beings and they brutally killed most of the people of the Shiganshina District. The events followed, are the prologue of Attack on Titan, one of the most popular anime and manga of the last decade. The post-apocalyptic world of humanity is in grave danger because; the titans never had the chance to breach Wall Maria before. While titans were breaking havoc, our protagonist, Eren Yeager witnessed his mother’s death by a titan. From that point on, the story begins to evolve around Eren, his friends, and the people of Paradis Island. How Eren will act upon this tragedy? How the people of Paradis Island will defend themselves? Ultimately, why do titans exist in the first place? All of those questions will be answered as the story progresses further within the mysterious world of Eren Yeager.  

How the Story Evolves? What Should We Expect? 

The tragic events that occurred at beginning show the post-apocalyptic elements. While the story revolves around how Eren wows revenge on titans and joins the Survey cops. The dystopic world of Paradis Island contains huge walls to prevent titans. However, after the attack in the first chapter of the manga, the story took a huge turn. Now the humanity is in grave danger, everything will change. At this point, we will get to know Mikasa Ackerman, a close friend of Eren who swear to protect him at all costs. She also joined the ranks of the Survey Cops to fight titans just as Eren did. As the manga goes on, we will witness the inner struggles of Paradis Island and the hidden power of Eren. Moreover, the history behind the world of Attack on Titan began to unveil, and we will find the true nature of many mysteries. 

Alternative Ending, Recent Developments of the Anime

After the last chapter of the manga, some enthusiastic fans created an alternative ending called ‘’ Attack on Titan: no Requiem’’, which contains a rewrite of the last three chapters. The success of the manga led to an anime adaptation and the first episode has released in 2013. Wit Studio took the task of the first three seasons successfully, and the anime adaptation made its remark on the anime industry on a global scale. Recently, MAPPA studios take over the fourth season and released 16 episodes as ‘’Part 1’’. Moreover, as a conclusion of the series ‘’Part 2’’ will be released in 2022. As a reminder of this legendary anime and manga series, we have created a new extension, including animated wallpapers and essential features. This extension will serve to ease the heart of the fans with animated wallpapers and other features.

Attack on Titan WallPaper Collection

You will not Forget Attack on Titan with This Extension!

  • When you open a new tab, new animated wallpapers will cover it. 
  • You may use the ‘’note’’ section to take quick notes without using pen and paper. 
  • The ‘’task’’ section will assist you to program your daily or weekly routines. 
  • Google Search bar is at the right corner of the tabs.
  • You can find the date and the clock feature within the new tabs as well. 

As soon as you start to use our extension, browsing on the internet will become easier. You will not need anything else too. Because our extension is practical and will become more than practical with the new features. 

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