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Chainsaw Man WallPaper Collection and New Tab Extension

Chainsaw Man WallPaper Collection and New Tab Extension

There is no need to argue that the recent rise of anime is only the result of the remarkable work of the studios. We have seen recent series with astonishing animation sequences, including over-the-top fights, detailed close-ups, which enhanced with the sound effects. While we are thinking the quality reached its peak, MAPPA announced that they would release the Chainsaw Man, one of the most popular manga series. Revered as the best manga by Henry Awards and won the 66th Shogakukan Manga Award in the shonen category, Chainsaw Man proved itself as the best recent manga series. Many fans anticipated the anime adaptation, and MAPPA graced us with two trailers, which is an answer to why they are the powerhouse of animation. The credit also goes to Tatsuki Fujimoto, the original creator of the series, known for his former work Fire Punch. We will see if the anime takes over the world just as the manga did in a short time.

The Recent News from Chainsaw Man

The anime adaptation will include the first part of the manga, which has concluded in December 2020. Even though the manga ended, the success and recognition of the series are apparent. It has been announced that the second part of the series starts in 2022. Now, the fans are blissed with the anime adaptation and continuation of the manga. It is quite a news that the series is animated. Mainly because, while you are reading manga, you tend to visualize the events. Sometimes, you put yourself as a particular character as well. If you like the manga you are reading, of course, you wanted to see it as an animation. Luckily, animation studios anticipate this tendency and adapt the popular series. Since the world of Chainsaw Man is filled with dark humor, outrageous fight scenes, and unlimited violence, it is right about the time for TV serialization. 

Is Chainsaw Man Worth for the Hype?

Let us talk about why Chainsaw Man is so popular. The story takes place in the world where the Devils emerge from human fear. Although they are natural enemies of humans, it is also possible to make a contract with them in the chaotic world of Chainsaw Man. Our main character Denji is excessively poor and works for the yakuza due to his father’s debt. He is a devil hunter and works with his companion the Chainsaw Devil Pochita. Upon his betrayal by the yakuza, Denji had to merge with Pochita and became known as the Chainsaw Man. Normally, most of the main characters in the shonen genre are expected to be wacky and laid back. That is partially the case for Denji as well but in terms of appearance, he is quite unusual. Again, a shonen protagonist is also expected to be cool by the design. However, Denji is a chainsaw hybrid and he can emerge chainsaw from his head and arms! That uniqueness attracts you to the story.

The Unique Artistic Style Behind the Manga

Furthermore, the style of the manga aligns with the characterization and the absurd environment. You will see explicit jokes, over-the-top personalities, and unique motifs, but you will never judge them. Because all these elements fit the setting and the story. A usual manga reader may find the artistic approach of Fujimoto as gore and striking. However, if you are familiar with those types of art or any other art form. You will find Chainsaw Man quite appealing and suitable for your taste. The unconventional nature of the manga was the sole thing to elevate the popularity of Chainsaw Man. That is why the series gained tremendous popularity around the world as well. Also, MAPPA studios took notice of that, and according to trailers, they intended to carry the style of Fujimoto without holding back. In a sense, Chainsaw Man presents to the audience a new type of storytelling and a unique hero to follow his adventures.

WallPaper Collection of Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Extension Exclusively for the Fans

Tatsuki Fujimoto created a new path for anime fans to surprise them in a peculiar way of storytelling. Since the second part and anime of the manga is highly anticipated. We will create a Chainsaw Man extension for your browser, specifically for the fans eagerly waiting for anime adaptation. The best part of the extension is animated wallpapers featuring Denji and other characters.

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