We are an IT organization in Turkey. We do some different style of businesses online. Wallpaperation project is one of these. We are working to make happy visitors, clients. Our motto is make happy, be happy. So, your thoughts are important to us.



Our company name is Yatgak Bilişim Teknolojileri (Technologies) Ticaret (Commerce) ve (and) Sanayi (Industry) Limited Şirketi (Company). One of our main goal is to reach more people in materially and in sense and touch people’s life. We have plan to maintain more projects in period of time.

What we do?

We make projects for web, for browsers, for mobiles, for tablets. We are a young company and we are learning. Learning is a way of life. There is no limit on it, so one of our another goal is to learn in the life-line.

Do you have some projects on your mind but don’t you know how to make it alive?

We stand here to help you. At least, we will try to help you to show a way to acquire your goals.

What is WallPaperation project?

Wallpaperation project’s main goal is to provide new tab extension for browsers such as Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc beside new tab extension we have a plan to make cheerful your desktop background experience.

In the mean time, we will be also proving these animated wallpapers for your Desktop, if possible mobile backgrounds.