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Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer

Only one anime is the main talk among the community right now; the Demon Slayer! Even if you have not seen the series, you probably saw short sequences and fan-made videos of the anime over social media. Even though the first season anime is quite popular, the recent movie installment of the series Infinity Train made an enormous impact and success around the globe. Yes, the hype and the success followed are there, but the main question here is why? Well, many aspects made Demon Slayer a powerhouse. First of all, character development is the key, which we will get into later. Then we have to mention how Ufotable carries the manga to the screen in a remarkable fashion! From crucial scenes to the sound design, Ufotable created a visual masterpiece for the audience. Adding to the Infinity Train, Entertainment Arc concluded recently. Since the next arc is on the way, Demon Slayer will establish itself as one of the best there was!

Tragic and Captivating Prelude

The first episode of the series sets the tone early on and hooks the audience. We both meet our main character and why he must journey through many obstacles and gruesome enemies. While living with his mother and five siblings in a mountain Tanjiro witnessed the tragic murder of his family by a pack of demons. The tension rises as soon as the demons appear in the story. Now, we have to think about how a boy who sells coals in the village and does odd jobs can protect himself and his sister Nezuko. Like Tanjiro, she is also the other main character of the series and is infected by demons. One of the most crucial scenes in the series is where Nezuko becomes a demon due to infection and attacks his brother. However, she comes to her senses and recognizes her brother. Now, Tanjiro decides to cure her demon infection without harming her. That is the driving force and the first step of their tiring, but also a remarkable journey.

Demon Slayer does not Require Time to Get Used to

‘’Cruelty’’, the first episode, is also informative to understand the setting and the obstacles Tanjiro has to overcome. We have introduced demos who ferociously attack humans and feed on them. Luckily, there are demon slayers: masterful warriors to counter them. In fact, the first demon slayer Tanjiro and Nezuko encounter is Giyu Tomioka, who is also the first person in the series to acknowledge the bond between them. Aside from him, we discover that the attack on Tanjiro’s family is the plan of Muzan Kibutsuji, the main antagonist of the series. Actually, he is also the cause of how people become a demon through his blood. From that point on, the pace of the series increases, and we dive into the endless battle between demons and demon slayers. To overcome his weaknesses against the demons, Tanjiro sets out to train to become a Demon slayer himself. Of course, it will not be easy to fare against these cruel monsters.

Many Unique Characters, Rich Content and More!

In almost every shonen anime, there must be side characters that elevate the storytelling and character development of the protagonist. In that aspect, Demon Slayer is full of peculiar, funny, and unique characters. As Tanjiro and Nezuko’s journey progress, we meet many different characters who have their own struggles, hopes, and ambitions. Furthermore, these characters help Tanjiro to become stronger, in terms of psychically and mentally. Especially Zenitsu and Inosuke, who are always with them, open new paths to the story and the world of Demon Slayer. Since this duo has way over-the-top personalities, the comedic side of the story emerges in many unexpected situations. It is obvious that fighting with demons is not entertaining, but why not for a little bit of fun! As you continue to watch, you will witness many interesting characters with rich backgrounds. That is why Demon Slayer is a complete and concrete shonen anime. 

WallPaper Collection of Demon Slayer

A New Animated Visual Experience with Our Demon Slayer Extension

If you consider Demon Slayer as your top anime. Visuality, sounds, characters, action, and story meet every expectation of an anime fan. Of course, the impact of the series is huge and that is the sole reason why we want to create this extension for the fans. We are expecting to have the same impact on your browser as well. Feel free to install it when we can construct it and have a glimpse of our features and quality wallpapers. Some of the features that we think to provide stated in the below ;

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