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Anime Thread
Demon Slayer HQ 21

You are in this page because we probably didn’t create a content for the Anime you have installed. We want to add the content upon time however if you would like to you can read our small content about Anime that gives some information about anime.

Japan is mostly known for its technology however, for the last 20 years anime is the one thing that caught the eye of millions of people. Originated from the comic books known as manga, many animation studios adapted remarkable stories for us viewers. In the early stages, anime was exclusive for only Japanese people but series like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Pokémon change the shape of the animation industry. These series became popular around the world and open the gates of the anime universe. Of course, the contribution of Hayao Miyazaki is important since he is the first Japanese animator to be rewarded with an Oscar with his masterpiece Spirited Away. 

There are many series, movies, directors, and manga artists that contributed to the popularity and success of anime. However, the beauty of it and how it is created and represented is equally important. First of all, anime draws the attention of a wide range of viewers regardless of age, occupation, nationality, etc. The main reason for that is simple on the surface, yet heavily considered unique stories which wake the imagination of the viewer. If you have an absurd idea that you want to watch on screen. It is quite possible the find it in the vast universe of anime. Maybe it will not be the exact match but one thing is guaranteed for sure; you will be amazed by the experience and find more things comparing what you have anticipated.

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