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Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War WallPaper Collection and New Tab Extension

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War WallPaper Collection and New Tab Extension
Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War HQ 27

One of the most cherished, popular, and controversial anime of all time Bleach, will be back one scene once again. According to the official trailer, the last arc of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War will start in October 2022. Fans hyped so much that Bleach is the main talk among the anime community again. As you may remember, the main character Ichigo unintendedly got Shinigami powers by Rukia to protect his family from a Hollow. After that, he had to save Rukia because she broke the iron law of Shinigami by sharing half her power with an ordinary human. In Soul Society, it is defined as an atrocity. While he and his friends were trying to save Rukia, Ichigo went through many phases, and the story began to reveal itself. The pace of the story increased, and we continued to learn about the turbulent world of Bleach. Unfortunately, after 366 episodes series ended in March 2012. That left a bitter taste for the fans because there was more to the story, at least one arc: Thousand-Year Blood War. The anime community had to wait ten years for the continuum of the story and heard the news from Bleach. 

Thousand-Year Blood War Arc is on the Way  

In these ten years, the manga has been concluded, so we know how the story of Ichigo ended. However, seeing the last arc of the story in anime means so much for the anime community. Honestly, the Thousand-Year Blood War arc deserves a new season. Considering the success of the manga and the anime, that would be a proper conclusion for the fans. Current anime series had the utmost animation quality and many popular series aired with spectacular visuals. That is also the case with the trailer of Thousand-Year Blood War. The unique artistic approach of Kubo Tite, the creator of the series, is fully utilized in the two-minute trailer. Now, we have to wait a little more for the bloody war between Shinigami and Quincies. We are aware of what this trailer means for those who follow the story of Ichigo. Not only him, but also the other characters change throughout the series. Fans spend so much time reading the manga and watching the adaptation, those characters such as Rukia, Renji, Ishida, and Orihime, became family members. That is the sole reason why Bleach is loved so much. 

If You Have Not Started Bleach Yet, Now is the Time! 

Thousand-Year Blood War arc means so much for the story and not just for it is a conclusion. The universe of Bleach is vast and consists of many dynamics. The historical elements of the story were the subject of many speculations by many fans across the internet. We will learn about Quincies, the complete opposite of Shinigami, who also have the ability to sense the spiritual energy of Hollows and Shinigami. Furthermore, for this arc, we will get the answers to how Shinigami gained their powers. It will also be a surprise to learn the background of characters like Retsu Unohana. More importantly, we will see Ywach, leader of Quincy, and why the wage war on Shinigami. Many characters will have to face powerful enemies, some will perish, and some will have to discover their actual powers to overcome their adversaries. As you can see, the Thousand-Yar Blood arc extends our knowledge about the universe of Bleach. Anime will leave no stone unturned, which will be worth watching. 

Jaws of Hell Arc: The Second Coming of a Legend

Occasionally, manga artist releases their art about their characters and story separately, which is not unusual. However, while the news of the last arc of Bleach took the anime community by storm, Kubo Tite released a new art of Ichigo. That opens a new path of speculations about will Bleach return again with a new arc. Luckily, speculations are confirmed, and Tite released Jaws of Hell Arch in August 2021. According to the first chapter of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War with a ten-year gap, there are new characters added to Gotei 13, the military branch of Soul Society. Well, that new Shinigami means new powers. Another anticipated part of the new chapter is, we will have new information about Kazui Kurosaki, the son of Ichigo and Orihime. He is quite a handful and full of curiosity. In any anime, that implies trouble. Right now, there is no further information regarding new chapters. But over the years, Bleach fans learned patience. 

WallPaper Collection of Bleach Thousand Year Blood War

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