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Games Thread
Far Cry 6 HQ 6

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The idea of a ‘’game’’ has been evolving for thousands of years. However, due emergence of new technology, the concept of a ‘’game’’ drastically changed and evolve into computer games. Right now, we have numerous amounts of games with a different type of genres. Open world, role-playing, multiplayer, single-player, simulations, strategy… You can name it. The presence of many genres creates an opportunity for unique entertainment. The presence of game stores have also contributed to influence of the games. It has started with Steam but many studios followed suit and launched their own online stores to reach player base.

We are living in an age where games are available on mobile devices as well. Even though you do not access a computer, you can always play no matter where you are. That also implies that games are an extension of our entertainment choices. Moreover, they are part of our lives. Considering our lives filled with constant stress, we can always spend time on games to escape from this real-world to create ourselves some free space. 

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