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Far Cry 6 Animated Wallpaper and Addons


Far Cry series took a long way to reach its established state. The series labeled as ‘’controversial’’, ‘’excessively violent’’ and even became the center of racism discussions. However, no matter what has happened, the franchise still amazes the gamers with its unique approach. Currently, we are waiting for the sixth installment of the series Far Cry 6 to be released. We will dive into the fictional and conflicted Caribbean Island Yara as Dani Rojas and enter a battle with the dictator of the island ‘’El Presidente’’ Anton Castillo. Chaotic and enigmatic villains are the trademark of the franchise, and Castillo is a full-fledged villain. Giancarlo Espacito, who is an established actor famous for his role in Breaking Bad, portrays this fictional tyrant. While fighting a guerrilla war against Castillo, we need to survive and use our wits to the fullest. Far Cry 6 is calling ambitious gamers into pure action! 

October 7 of 2021: The Day of the Far Cry  

The initial release date of the Far Cry 6 was February 18 of 2021. However, due to COVID-19 Pandemic, developers decided on October 7, 2021. Many fans were disappointed with this announcement because they have prepared themselves for February 2021. According to Navid Khavari (narrative director of the game), what we will experience is enormous than we have anticipated. For instance, Dani will join the ranks of guerilla and meet Juan Cortez, the inventor, and mentor to the guerillas. In terms of gameplay and mechanics, Juan Cortez is a crucial character because he is the one who builds almost all the weapons and vehicles we will use in the game. The weapons and vehicles he design will be essential to fight against Castillo’s army. Moreover, we have a chance to see third-person animations of our protagonist and see the other side of Anton and Diego as well.

What Do We Know So Far?

Ubisoft posted gameplay reveal video a month ago, and from the look of it, the game seems insanely good. With its story, graphics and mechanics, Far Cry 6 will take it to the next level. First of all, the main villain of the series Anton Castillo creates tension just like other villains of the previous games. Anton constantly tries to influence his son Diego to take his place in the future. Interestingly, Diego tries to escape his father’s tyranny, just like Dani from the harsh environment of Yara. That adds another element to the story because Dani and Diego will cross pathsFar Cry 6 is not a first-person shooter game, not also pulls the player into the largest open-world map the franchise has ever seen. While waiting for the game to be released, you might check and download our Far Cry Extension, including animated wallpapers and functional features. 

Far Cry 6 WallPaper Collection

Functionality and Visual Quality: Brand New Far Cry 6 Extension

Since we are also a fan of the Far Cry series, we needed to create this addon for your browser. Now, we have also animated wallpapers to customize your new tabs. The initial reason for that is to make your browsing experience more comfortable. Our features will delight you because the purpose here is functionality with utmost visual quality. 

  • Animated wallpapers will surely change the shape of your new tabs spectacularly. 
  • If you get a new idea or want to take notes, the ‘’note’’ section is here for you at the bottom left corner.
  • To program your routine or tasks, you can use the ‘’task’’ section anytime you want. It is at the down middle of the new tabs. 
  • You can always make quick searches on Google Search Bar in the right corner below. 
  • At the upper right of each new tab, there is a date and clock feature. 

Your time on the internet, especially while browsing, should be filled with quality in every aspect. Since we understand that your time is precious, our extension saves your time and gives you an elevated browsing experience. Until new features arrive, you may send us your suggestions or feedback anytime you want. 

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