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Overwatch Wallpaper Collection and Addons


Designed for Your Virtual Experience

 Award-winning game Overwatch offers you a perfect gaming experience. It is a thrilling multiplayer quick action game with magnificent game mechanics. The game attracts millions of gamers from all around the world with fast action and reflex-based gameplay. Two divided 6 person teams try to overcome each other in a well-designed map for quick actions. Players choose their heroes before starting a match from the hero pool with more than 30 heroes. You can find the most exciting features of the game and our Overwatch addon and wallpaper collection in this article. 

Never Ending Action with More than 32 Heroes

You can play with more than 32 heroes as you please. Each hero offers you an astonishing and exciting mechanical difference. Those heroes are mainly have separated into three different classes; Tank, Support, and main fire force, damage class. Damage class is a classic segment of multiplayer games. They used as the main firepower to the game in order to suppress the enemy team. Damage class carries the match to the victory by itself. Supports mainly focus on supporting Tank and Damage classes. They heal them and refill their ammunition through a battle. Support class must be at back service because of their weak armors. Tanks, however, can absorb a considerable amount of damage without getting killed. They generally must take the first wave of an attack from the enemy and suppress them.    

Overwatch Wallpaper Collection Offers Artistic Atmosphere and Maps

Overwatch’s map designs are almost perfect. Medium-sized match maps are a brilliant fit for quick gameplay and fun. Unlike most other multiplayer games with large maps, Overwatch’s map designs lead you to almost never-ending gameplay. There is balanced gameplay within the matches because of the maps. 6v6 team deathmatches are also a supportive feature for the quick matches. The game’s atmosphere is aware that it is a game rather than a simulation with its stylistic and artistic designs. You will be satisfied with all of these design choices and lose yourself in the game as you will with our Overwatch wallpaper collection.   

Extraordinary Modes of Overwatch

Overwatch also offers you different multiplayer game modes. Most other multiplayer-based games only include the elimination of the enemy team by eliminating them until their kill count reaches a specific number. For example, a model named payload contains a cargo protection task. While one team tries to protect it until the cargo reaches its destination, the other team tries to capture and destroy the cargo at all costs. We can say that the game offers immeasurable fun to all gamers just because of this game mode. Another game mode is called capture the base. In this mode, one team tries to protect a dedicated base while the other team tries to capture it from them. Also, 1vs1 modes have been included in the variation of game modes that Overwatch offers.

OverWatch WallPaper Collection

Take a Part in This Adventure 

Overwatch has managed to make fame out of nothing by its thrilling and extra-ordinary features. You can also be a part of this magnificent adventure simply by installing our addon. You will be able to reach those features by installing our addon; 

  • Choose a wallpaper from our best of best wallpaper collection and it will be displayed on your browser forever.
  • A chosen wallpaper will be fixed on your browser until you decide to remove it, we will add a shuffle feature in future 
  • You can reach to most interacted and popular websites with one click by clicking on their shortcuts from your browser
  • Most addicted browser games will be waiting for you in our ‘’Popular Pages’’ feature 
  • You can put your surfing experience in an order with our date clock feature to save your time
  • Moreover, you can be able to remove this addon with a simple click on the Overwatch icon that displayed on your browser but you can always send us a message about your issues.

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