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Resident Evil Village Animated Wallpaper and Addons


Ever since Capcom announced Resident Evil Village, the gaming community and fans were waiting impatiently. As soon as the game was released, the game amazed many players even at the first impression. By playing this next-generation installment of the series, you will get most of the survival experience. Capcom does not fall short of creating an immersive environment for a gamer with next-generation graphics and a concrete storyline. Even though Ethan’s story would end in the next game of the series, we have so much to experience and discover with the Resident Evil Village

Immersive Storyline and Chaotic Characters

The initial purpose of the game is to rescue Rosemary from Miranda and her council of high-level mutants: the Four Kings. Each of them has a royal heritage and continues to operate in their own way. Our playable character Ethan has to encounter the Four Kings the collect the dismembered parts of Rosemary. At this point, the creators introduce us to one of the most chaotic characters: Karl Heisenberg. He is a member of the Four Kings and a mutant with remarkable engineering skills. Being a crucial part of the lore, Heisenberg represents the tension of the game. Moreover, we will witness the appearance of Chris Redfield, the protagonist of the former installments. That will be interesting to see these old and new characters in the game, which you will enjoy. 

Where to Get Resident Evil Village?

The game is available on Windows, Xbox, Stadia, Ps4, and Ps5. You may acquire the game through the official website of Capcom, Steam, and Ps Store. In addition to the Resident Evil Village, you can purchase different options and editions that include the previous game of the series: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The price also varies due to exchange rate, which you can check on those platforms mentioned. In addition to editions, we have a chance to see new DLC’s of the game soon. Unfortunately, a hacker group called ‘’Empress’’ claims to hack the game to present it as cracked-free. We are strongly against these types of actions because there will be countless viruses in these unofficial versions. Above all, it is unfair for people spent countless hours developing this game. So choose official platforms for your safety. Now let’s talk about what we have created for the fans!

Resident Evil Village WallPaper Collection

A Unique Extension to make it Easy

Since internet users spend most of their time on their browsers, they tend to customize. For that, they use extensions according to their desires and interests. For instance, if you are currently playing Resident Evil Village, you will be delighted by our extension and animated wallpapers, which features Karl Heisenberg! We also listed the additional features here: 

  • You can take notes while you are browsing instead of trying to find a pen and paper. The ‘’note’’ section is in the left corner below. 
  • We have also added a ‘’tasks’’ section so that you can create a routine or anything that is related. 
  • For an easy search to save you precious time, check the right below the corner of your new tab. The Google search bar is ready for you. 
  • Lastly, there is a clock and date feature at the upper right. 

As you can see, our extension has the principle of giving you a comfortable experience while you are browsing on the internet. Of course, there will be more features to elevate your experience. If you want to send us feedback or have a suggestion, feel free to contact us anytime. 

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