League of Legends Animated WallPapers and Addons

Multiplayer games are the sole representatives of action. Those types of games where you show your skill and competitive spirit. If we add the strategy element, that is where it leads us to the League of Legends. Aside from pure action, there is also a tactical dimension in this game. In five to five battles, you need to choose your champion before the match. That means you have to coordinate with your team and devise a strategy immediately. Ultimately, a player should have a sense of strategy and skill to execute it! Since 2009, League of Legends took over the gaming industry and established itself as an Esports powerhouse. Currently, there are numerous leagues, teams, and major tournaments in the Esports scene. That means the competition is serious than before. The game constantly improves and changes to preserve its higher status. So, be aware of the new champions and updates!

Coven Update 2021

League of Legends is known for its deep lore, and most of the updates emerge according to it. The Old Gods of the lore gather their followers and release them onto the battlefield. The Coven of the Old Gods have one thing in their mind; vengeance and reclaiming their fallen idols. This new update presents missions, exchange for various rewards. While you play in the matches and battle out against your respective opponents, you have a chance to complete the missions. In every match, win or lose, you will be rewarded with points. As you gather points, you will reach milestones. You can get prestige points, Blue Essence, emotes, XP boosts, gemstones, a hextech key, masterwork chest, and Coven 2021 Orb with event past. Fortunately, you can complete other milestone missions without an event pass. In addition to that, the update has Coven champions, exclusive skins, and more!

The New Champions of League of Legends

Arguably, the most exciting aspect of the League of Legends is the champions. A champion means a new part of the lore and a new chance of devising a strategy in the game. Most fans of the game are impatiently waiting for the emergence of a new champion. Every year, developers create and release a new champion, and they had three so far this year. These three champions are Viego the Ruined KingAkshan the Rogue Sentinel, and Gwen the Hallowed Seamstress. Initially, those three were connected and will bring a huge impact to the game for sure. Luckily we have one more champion to join the ranks in September. Vex the Gloomy Goth Yordle, will be our new champion and connected to the Sentinels of Light Event. We also have something new for you! Our League of Legends extension is here with new features and animated wallpapers. 

League of Legends WallPaper Collection

League of Legends Extension will Assist You in Many ways 

When you open your browser to surf on the web, the first thing you noticed is the general look of the new tab you have opened. Even though you did not notice, the visual of your browser tab is affects your time while working or just surfing on the web. If you try our new extension, you will see the difference you have not noticed before! Before you decide, check our features: 

  • High-resolution wallpapers to bring visual quality to your new tabs. 
  • Our extension is not just about the visuals! The ‘’tasks’’ and ‘’notes’’ sections will assist you while you are trying to program your routines, work tasks. Moreover, you can take notes to remind yourself of the personal details. 
  • Google Search Bar will also help you to make quick searches on the web. 
  • To improve your focus, the design of the date and the clock section will prevent you to look at your phone for checking time. 

Apex Legends Wallpaper Collections and Addons

Thrilling backstory, detailed maps, characters with unique abilities, and an immersive battle royale experience. Yes, we are talking about Apex Legends. If you are a new-generation gamer, you are probably familiar with the battle royale genre. Enhanced with the current gaming technology, these types of games the frontiers of the gaming world. Initially, the game is a spin-off of the Titanfall series, which was created by Respawn Entertainment and released by EA. However, Apex Legends became more than a spin-off over the years and established itself as a powerhouse among the gaming community. Moreover, the mobile version of the game is in the test phase. That means the game will be available, even if you do not own a high-end device. Currently, the game reached Season 10 and continue the amaze the gamers with new characters and maps. Season 10 and the new hero ‘’Seer’’ is available since August 3.

Season 10: Emergence

New generation gamers have a very demanding nature. Based on that, new generation games have to create new content and updates to keep their community and the fan base. Apex Legends does not fall short on that issue, so developers released new updates and a legend in Season 10. Briefly, Emergence includes a new map, weapon, hero, and a new ranking system elevate the experience better for the players. The new map is called ‘’World’s Edge’’, where nature changed drastically and lost all its natural resources. Furthermore the various part of the map extended to create a new point of interest. Add to that we have a new weapon ‘’Rampage LMG’’ a heavy armored, mid-range combat machine in its own right.  The other major update is the new ranking system called MMR (matchmaking rating) to bring a new system to offer an evenly matched competitive experience.

A New Character of the Apex Legends Season 10: Seer

Obi Edolasim, later known as ‘’Seer’’ is the new champion of the Apex Legends. When Edolasim was born, many perceived it as a bad omen, a catastrophe. However, his parents thought the opposite, and raised him in a way, so that he can fully express himself. That is why Seer is a legend and an artist. Uniquely, Seer has a sense of elegance in him, and his abilities have been created accordingly. Seer is theatrical and creates a stage for himself to perform. With his tactical ability, he can interrupt and reveals the position of the enemies. As a passive ability, he can hear the heartbeat of his opponents while aiming. Ultimately, he creates a sphere of micro-drones and weapons to reveal the enemies and shoot them down. Now that the new abilities are available, you may also check our new extension, consisting of animated wallpapers and features.

Apex Legends WallPaper Collection

New Update, New Extension, New Features

To elevate your browser experience, we have created this new extension for Apex Legends fans! Since the game has been updated, we had to offer something new for the users. Once you install our extension, you will see the difference immediately. Here are our features:

  • Recently created animated wallpapers will cover the background of your newly open tabs.
  • ‘’Note’’ and ‘’Tasks’’ sections are here for you to program your work online. In addition, you can use them as reminders for your further work or personal stuff!
  • As an irreplaceable part of any extension, we added Google Search Bar and clock and date features at the upper right.

Far Cry 6 Animated Wallpaper and Addons

Far Cry series took a long way to reach its established state. The series labeled as ‘’controversial’’, ‘’excessively violent’’ and even became the center of racism discussions. However, no matter what has happened, the franchise still amazes the gamers with its unique approach. Currently, we are waiting for the sixth installment of the series Far Cry 6 to be released. We will dive into the fictional and conflicted Caribbean Island Yara as Dani Rojas and enter a battle with the dictator of the island ‘’El Presidente’’ Anton Castillo. Chaotic and enigmatic villains are the trademark of the franchise, and Castillo is a full-fledged villain. Giancarlo Espacito, who is an established actor famous for his role in Breaking Bad, portrays this fictional tyrant. While fighting a guerrilla war against Castillo, we need to survive and use our wits to the fullest. Far Cry 6 is calling ambitious gamers into pure action! 

October 7 of 2021: The Day of the Far Cry  

The initial release date of the Far Cry 6 was February 18 of 2021. However, due to COVID-19 Pandemic, developers decided on October 7, 2021. Many fans were disappointed with this announcement because they have prepared themselves for February 2021. According to Navid Khavari (narrative director of the game), what we will experience is enormous than we have anticipated. For instance, Dani will join the ranks of guerilla and meet Juan Cortez, the inventor, and mentor to the guerillas. In terms of gameplay and mechanics, Juan Cortez is a crucial character because he is the one who builds almost all the weapons and vehicles we will use in the game. The weapons and vehicles he design will be essential to fight against Castillo’s army. Moreover, we have a chance to see third-person animations of our protagonist and see the other side of Anton and Diego as well.

What Do We Know So Far?

Ubisoft posted gameplay reveal video a month ago, and from the look of it, the game seems insanely good. With its story, graphics and mechanics, Far Cry 6 will take it to the next level. First of all, the main villain of the series Anton Castillo creates tension just like other villains of the previous games. Anton constantly tries to influence his son Diego to take his place in the future. Interestingly, Diego tries to escape his father’s tyranny, just like Dani from the harsh environment of Yara. That adds another element to the story because Dani and Diego will cross pathsFar Cry 6 is not a first-person shooter game, not also pulls the player into the largest open-world map the franchise has ever seen. While waiting for the game to be released, you might check and download our Far Cry Extension, including animated wallpapers and functional features. 

Far Cry 6 WallPaper Collection

Functionality and Visual Quality: Brand New Far Cry 6 Extension

Since we are also a fan of the Far Cry series, we needed to create this addon for your browser. Now, we have also animated wallpapers to customize your new tabs. The initial reason for that is to make your browsing experience more comfortable. Our features will delight you because the purpose here is functionality with utmost visual quality. 

  • Animated wallpapers will surely change the shape of your new tabs spectacularly. 
  • If you get a new idea or want to take notes, the ‘’note’’ section is here for you at the bottom left corner.
  • To program your routine or tasks, you can use the ‘’task’’ section anytime you want. It is at the down middle of the new tabs. 
  • You can always make quick searches on Google Search Bar in the right corner below. 
  • At the upper right of each new tab, there is a date and clock feature. 

Your time on the internet, especially while browsing, should be filled with quality in every aspect. Since we understand that your time is precious, our extension saves your time and gives you an elevated browsing experience. Until new features arrive, you may send us your suggestions or feedback anytime you want. 

Resident Evil Village Animated Wallpaper and Addons

Ever since Capcom announced Resident Evil Village, the gaming community and fans were waiting impatiently. As soon as the game was released, the game amazed many players even at the first impression. By playing this next-generation installment of the series, you will get most of the survival experience. Capcom does not fall short of creating an immersive environment for a gamer with next-generation graphics and a concrete storyline. Even though Ethan’s story would end in the next game of the series, we have so much to experience and discover with the Resident Evil Village

Immersive Storyline and Chaotic Characters

The initial purpose of the game is to rescue Rosemary from Miranda and her council of high-level mutants: the Four Kings. Each of them has a royal heritage and continues to operate in their own way. Our playable character Ethan has to encounter the Four Kings the collect the dismembered parts of Rosemary. At this point, the creators introduce us to one of the most chaotic characters: Karl Heisenberg. He is a member of the Four Kings and a mutant with remarkable engineering skills. Being a crucial part of the lore, Heisenberg represents the tension of the game. Moreover, we will witness the appearance of Chris Redfield, the protagonist of the former installments. That will be interesting to see these old and new characters in the game, which you will enjoy. 

Where to Get Resident Evil Village?

The game is available on Windows, Xbox, Stadia, Ps4, and Ps5. You may acquire the game through the official website of Capcom, Steam, and Ps Store. In addition to the Resident Evil Village, you can purchase different options and editions that include the previous game of the series: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The price also varies due to exchange rate, which you can check on those platforms mentioned. In addition to editions, we have a chance to see new DLC’s of the game soon. Unfortunately, a hacker group called ‘’Empress’’ claims to hack the game to present it as cracked-free. We are strongly against these types of actions because there will be countless viruses in these unofficial versions. Above all, it is unfair for people spent countless hours developing this game. So choose official platforms for your safety. Now let’s talk about what we have created for the fans!

Resident Evil Village WallPaper Collection

A Unique Extension to make it Easy

Since internet users spend most of their time on their browsers, they tend to customize. For that, they use extensions according to their desires and interests. For instance, if you are currently playing Resident Evil Village, you will be delighted by our extension and animated wallpapers, which features Karl Heisenberg! We also listed the additional features here: 

  • You can take notes while you are browsing instead of trying to find a pen and paper. The ‘’note’’ section is in the left corner below. 
  • We have also added a ‘’tasks’’ section so that you can create a routine or anything that is related. 
  • For an easy search to save you precious time, check the right below the corner of your new tab. The Google search bar is ready for you. 
  • Lastly, there is a clock and date feature at the upper right. 

As you can see, our extension has the principle of giving you a comfortable experience while you are browsing on the internet. Of course, there will be more features to elevate your experience. If you want to send us feedback or have a suggestion, feel free to contact us anytime.