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Eminem Wallpaper Collection

Music is an essential part of our lives. Our favourite musicians and genres always define our personality. That means we establish a connection through lyrics and rhythm. Since hip hop is one of the most popular genres in the musical world you can guess how this genius rapper and producer had an impact on the musical industry. Not only he is successful on his own, but also his influence goes beyond his achievements throughout his career. That is why we created the Eminem wallpaper collection and addons for you to elevate your browser experience.

Early Years and Background

Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III in Saint Joseph, Missouri Eminem’s early life was a battle itself. He never knew his father and his mother could not find a steady job. That is why he changed school to school and never settled in a safe environment. In his early lyrics, these examples are quite obvious. That kind of battle in life continued when he entered the rap battles in Detroit. Of course, he stood out with his pale skin and coloured eyes among all the black rappers. Because of that, he needed an extra effort to prove himself which is what he did with rhymes that shows his command of language. He has a ‘’never back down’’ personality, his passion for his craft is yet to be diminished. That is why he has an enormous impact on the youth as well as on society

Eminem’s Achievements in His Career

When Eminem released Slim Shady LP in 1999, he quickly became the talk of the music industry by collecting Grammy’s and MTV Music Awards. Hip hop genre –heavily influenced by black people and culture- did not use to see a white person to be successful. However, that did not stop him. In 2000 with the Marshall Matters LP the world met the new fastest-selling album of rap history.  His accomplishments and milestones of this career are over the charts. Consecutive, back-to-back Grammy awards, best hip hop albums, best rap artist of the year, most selling albums and last but not least, the first rapper to win an Oscar by the song ‘’Lose Yourself’’ in a movie 8 miles in which he starred. With all those in mind, Eminem’s influence on how rap shifted to mainstream is unquestionable. In addition to all of that, our Eminem wallpaper collection will show you the important part of his career.

Eminem WallPaper Collection

Eminem Addon Features for Your Browser

This add-on is specifically created for Eminem fans to have great experience while browsing on the internet. It is free and if you are not happy with it you can easily remove from Chrome by clicking the Eminem icon and select the ‘’Remove from Chrome’’ option.

  • There are tons of images from the parts of Eminem’s life here for you to use as a wallpaper randomly.
  • If you choose an image from the collection, you can use it as a fixed wallpaper as well. That image will be fixed as long as you want it to stay that way. Even though there is no shuffle option, do not worry! We will surely develop that.
  • We know that social media is essential for everyone. To be able to reach all the social media in one click, we have social media links in the add-on.
  • In the middle, you can see the sticky frequent websites links so that you can reach them instantly.
  • Want to play games? In the left below side ‘’Popular Games’’ link will direct you our online web game site. Enjoy it!
  • Let’s just say you have suggestion in mind. Feel free the contact us. Thus we can develop our extension to create a better version of it.

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