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Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift is a singer-songwriter, globally famous not only for her albums and songs but also for her personal life. Throughout her career, she reached millions of fans and became a sensation. If you are one of the hardcore fans of her, you should check out our Taylor Swift wallpaper collection and addon. With our interface and features, you can customize your browser with high-quality images of Taylor Swift. Also, we have created a blog post to cover the important parts of her life and career.

A Rare Taylor Swift Wallpaper Collection 

Swift has a passion for music from an early age. In fact, she signed her first record with Sony/ATV at the age of 14. She was discovered while performing, and the rest is filled with success. Generally, her style can be named as pop and country music. However, since music and genres evolved her style improved as well. In our Taylor Swift wallpaper collection, we have high-resolution images, including the most cherished moments of her career. 

Immeasurable Success over the Years

‘’Fearless’’, the second studio album of Swift made an enormous success by selling millions of records. From this point, her career took a huge turn and ended up with 10 Grammy Awards and 41 nominations. The Best Country AlbumAlbum of the Year, are among the categories which she won over the years. Aside from Grammies, she won Billboard Woman of the Year and IFPI Global Recording Artist of the Tear as well. These are some of the milestones of her career, and the list goes all the way to the top. 

Influential Figure of Taylor Swift 

In addition to all the awards, Swift collected over the years, the influence of her is also something to be mentioned. Since she is extremely successful and has a gigantic fan base, you can imagine the influential figure of Taylor Swift. The philanthropic side of her helps many people in the past, and she still continues. Her donations and contributions are also a huge part of her career. Because of the activities to courage women to speak about their past harassment experiences, she became Person of the Year in Time magazine. Of course, these are the surface of her success and achievements. We are sure she will become an icon in the near future. IF you are wondering about the current activities, you should check out her documentary concert film Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions includes the recording process, intimate interviews, and more. 

Taylor Swift Wallpaper Collection

A Comfortable Addon to Create Suitable Browser Experience

We figured that by creating this addon, we offer a fresh and unique experience to Taylor Swift fans. Our addon includes many features to increase the joy while you are surfing on the internet. You can install it free and create an environment in your browser, which gives comfortable vibes. That means you can focus your web activities with a cozy, happy interface. Without further ado, let’s check our features! 

  • We gathered rare images of Taylor Swift so you can set them as background images for your new tabs. You can change them whenever you want. That will not be automatic because we do not have the shuffle option yet. 
  • Through our interface, which includes sticky links, you can reach popular websites, social media, and frequently visited websites with just one click. 
  • Since our addon is time-friendly, we have set a quick Google search bar as well. 
  • Our date and clock design will amaze you. 
  • If you want to take a break without leaving your PC, you can play browser games on our gaming websites. You can reach it with one click through the ‘’Popular Pages’’. 
  • As for the last, if you are not happy with our addon, by clicking the ‘’Remove from Chrome’’ option, you can uninstall it any time you want. By the way, you can always choose to inform us about your complaints.

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