Color Bump 3D Wallpaper Collection and Addons

Now, it is time for a 3D game, Color Bump 3D will provide you a fun-filled time. Color Bump 3D is an extremely immersive game. It has a colorful and relaxing atmosphere which redoubles the fun you have as well! We move this colorful world of Color Bump 3D to your backgrounds with our specially designed Color Bump 3D wallpaper collection and addon for the fans! You can check the features we have at the end of the post.

Roll the Ball, Clear the Way!

All you have to do in Color Bump 3D is to roll the ball and clear your way. At the beginning of each level, the ball is white. But, the ball changes color midway and takes the color of the obstacles. You follow the road full of balls that are in the same color as the main ball. Even though it seems easy at the beginning, after a while, it may become hard to direct the ball through the way full of obstacles. You are going to be addicted to this game!

Exclusive Color Bump 3D Wallpaper Collection

Color Bump 3D is a video game developed by Good Job Games and available on platforms like iOS, Android, and also Web Browser. So you can play it everywhere. Moreover, if you like the game, you are going to be glad to hear that we have different wallpapers and addons created for this excellent game, Color Bump 3D. We are pretty sure that they are going to look great on your background!

The Point of Color Bump 3D 

In Color Bump 3D the only purpose of the player is to move on without hitting the obstacles that are specified with other colors -you can only pass through the ones that have the same color as your ball. The game many levels, which implies its limitless nature. Therefore, as your level gets higher game becomes funnier and faster. Although the game has simplistic features, the attractiveness of it lies there. Simple games like that require focus and sometimes even tunnel vision. While you are playing, you realize how the game improves your senses and focus. 

Color Bump 3D Addon Brings the Real Fun 

Color Bump 3D is going to make you spend better time wherever you are. Put an end to boredom! Have you also tried our amazing Color Bump 3D Wallpapers and Addons? If you have not yet, we suggest you have a look at the features we offer to you just right below.

  • First of all, it is better to indicate that the wallpapers you choose can be changed whenever you want, and our Color Bump 3D collection is really huge, in which you can find some image to your taste. However, once you set the image it will be permanent until you choose to select another one. 
  • The shuffle option for wallpapers will be there in the future.
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  • Finally, we need to mention also that if you are not happy with our addon. You can easily uninstall it by clicking on the addon and choosing the “Remove from Chrome” option.

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