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Battlefield Wallpaper Collection and Addons

Millions of gamers eagerly waiting for the new edition of the Battlefield series, which probably will be released in autumn 2021. So, what is the source of this popularity and enthusiasm? In this blog post, we will discourse the Battlefield game franchise and show you what we have included in our Battlefield wallpaper collection and addon.  

A Unique Gameplay and Battlefield Wallpaper Collection

Long-time game franchises are always the center of focus in the gaming world. Considering the Battlefield series consist of first-person shooter games that elevate its popularity. The large multiplayer battles provide a thrilling experience that you have never seen before. This is exactly why we had to create the Battlefield wallpaper collection and addon for the fan base. You will also have the same atmosphere while you are browsing and using our features. 

Play As You Wanted to Play and Try our Battlefield Wallpaper Collection

Within the game, you are assigned to a large battalion of soldiers. As you may guess, there are classes in each squad that you can choose to. Every class of soldiers has one primary and one secondary weapon including, a knife and utility. Of course, these classes varies for each edition and installment of the game. So, the game allows you to play whichever you may see fit. For instance, you can choose a direct approach by playing as an assault class or with a sneaky way as a sniper. 

Feel the Immersive Battlefield Experience

To this point, Battlefield may seem like another first-person shooter game. However, the one thing that stands out most in the game is; you can also use every vehicle on the field. Cars, motorbikes, tanks, and even planes! That allows you versatility and realistic combat alternatives. Moreover, sound engineering is so astonishing that it will not be hard to immerse yourself in the warzone. In addition to that, some of the maps in the current editions on the Battlefield are quite realistic. The cities and battlefields within the game are the exact matches.

Battlefield WallPaper Collection

Free Battlefield Addon to Modify Your Browser

While waiting on the new release of the Battlefield, you can install our new Battlefield wallpaper collection and addon to your browser. We have created this addon so that you may find comfort while you are on the web. We listed our features here for you to look at. But, before that, you should know that it is completely free. If you will encounter some problems with our addon, feel free to send us a notice! 

  • First of all, we would like you to present our high definition Battlefield wallpaper collection consist of images from different editions of the game. Choose one as your tab’s background and change it whenever you want. Right now, it will be sticky but, we will add the shuffle option feature! 
  • A direct search bar will allow quick searches on Google. 
  • We gathered sticky links in one place to save time. Popular pages, social media pins, and frequently visited websites are easy to reach in our addon. 
  • Our date and clock feature has an elegant design that you will definitely like. 
  • Among the sticky link, there is also the ‘’ Popular Pages’’ will take you to our gaming website so that you can play games there. 
  • Finally, if our addon is not for your taste, you can uninstall it by clicking the addon icon and choose the ‘’Remove from Chrome’’ option.

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