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Among us Wallpaper Collection and Addons

Have you ever wonder what are those tiny humanoid characters in a spacesuit on those internet memes? Sure, you have. If you already know or you are still curious, let’s check our blog post about Among Us wallpaper collection and addons. We have a lot to tell you!

Recent Popularity of Among Us 

Among Us is a 2D, social deduction game. If you are not familiar with the genre, it is basically to find out the imposter in a group by using different methods. In the game, you are controlling cartoon-like, cyborg characters. The game appoints imposters and you need to find them while you are completing the task. Initially, Among Us actually created in 2018 however, in 2020 primarily one of the most popular Twitch streamers ‘’Sodapoppin’’ lead the Among Us sensation. After that, many streamers started to play and the game reached its peak in 2020. 

Join the Fray with our Among Us Wallpaper Collection and Addons

Although Among Us seems simple in terms of design, the game offers more than that. You have to be fast, smart and precise. Otherwise, you will be killed by an imposter without any clue and become a Ghost. Among Us is a mind game in confined space. So, being perceptive is your only weapon. Once you decide who the impostor is, you have a chance to vote with your crewmates to avoid further danger. If you think you have the required skills, join the fun and install our Among Us wallpaper collection and addon to your browser. 

Devise Your Strategy and Customize Your Character

The simple design of Among Us should not prevent you from playing the game. As an imposter or crewmate, you always need to be cautious of your surroundings. For example, if you are a crewmate, act with your group and keep an eye on who is completing a task, who is not. As for the impostor, do not be aggressive to arouse suspicion and use vents to move around swiftly. In addition to that, you can customize your character with different hats, skins, even pets that will follow you around. Also, you can customize your browser by using our Among Us wallpaper collection and addon. 

Among us WallPaper Collection

Surfing on the Web is not Boring Anymore! 

We are a very cautious team about the recent trends and what our users follow on the web. Because of that, we created the Among Us wallpaper collection and addon. Check out our features and save yourself from the old look of your personal browser. 

  • For your new tabs, you can pick any wallpaper you want within our wallpaper collection. You are also able to change it with another one. Keep in mind that the image you choose as wallpaper is permanent until you change it. 
  • We also like you to know that we have an intention to bring a shuffle option for you soon. 
  • You will adore our date and clock feature design. 
  • Frequently visited and popular websites are easy to reach with our sticky links. 
  • If you need extra fun while browsing, try the games on our gaming website through the ‘’Popular Pages’’ link. 
  • Notice that our wallpaper collection and addon is free. You can uninstall it anytime you want. ‘’Remove from Chrome’’ option is always there for that. However, if you have an idea to elevate our addon in any way, send us a notice.

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